The title given to the agents who decide whether that left behind by deceased intentions should remain.

The remnants of martyrdom, resonating with those captured by the same desires, repeating the same mistakes, as if a parting curse.

Can it even be said that they can see the light, on the sealed surface of this world?

Did this repetition--this nostalgic imitation of days gone by--did it save them, in the end?

Parched, withered, their last wish ungranted, they crawl across the earth.

The agents of death who chain those forlorn hearts together are called thus.

H E L L S I N K E R .

And now, once more.

They who have given up their humanity, their will carved into stone--

Living, in death, the PRAYERs stand once again in the path of the EXECUTORs.

Existing only to carry out orders in prayer, though free.

Betraying the laws of immortality, judging again and again, inhuman.

From where--from where springs this invisible wall?